At Oakwood Builders and Joinery we are different. Not just different in what we do, but different in how we do it.When I took over the firm in 1997 we were just eight people strong and almost entirely focused on the repair and refurbishment of churches and other ecclesiastical buildings.

Now we are 35 people strong with a balanced portfolio of specialist building services including eco-build, our own self sufficient joinery capability, an on-site bio-diesel plant and winning national awards for our staff training and career programmes.

It’s not what you’d expect from a typical family firm of builders, but that’s how I want it to be. I want to be leading a team of highly motivated craftspeople rather than just builders. I want to bring the best quality materials and techniques into all of the projects that we undertake. And I want to be considerate to the environment, not just on eco-specific projects but throughout all of the operations of my company.

I’m proud to day that we now offer building services across a range of specialist areas, including:

  • Period Refurbishment – refurbishment of period homes to exacting and authentic standards, including working within listed building requirements.
  • Ecclesiastical – refurbishment of ecclesiastical buildings of all sizes, to listed building regulations, specialising in roofs, electrical refits, period and modern joinery and stonemasonry.
  • Eco-Build – new build of timber framed homes and small commercial premises where energy efficiency is paramount. We are very pleased to be able to offer the latest in multi-foil insulation for extra thermal effectiveness and ecological benefits.
  • Prestige Homes – new build of individual prestige homes with exemplary attention to detail and finish.
  • Joinery – hand-crafted joinery using certified timber for our own projects as well as other construction needs, including windows and doors, staircases, period restoration and bespoke work.

I’d like you to bear in mind that when you choose to work with Oakwood Builders and Joinery on a new-build or a refurbishment project you will be engaging with a company that truly cares about the quality of its work, the quality of its staff and its impact on the environment. That’s my personal promise to you.

Tim Fenn (Chairman), 2007


Eco-BuildWe are committed to exploring new developments in ecologically friendly building techniques and airtight construction…

JoineryAll of Oakwood’s joinery work is bespoke; designed and created in our own well-equipped workshop…

Eco-RefurbishmentsOakwood builders and Joinery Ltd have the necessary in-house skills to undertake full or partial house refurbishments on both modern and period properties…

PoliciesOakwood’s Commitment to ecologically friendly practices include recycling building products on-site…

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