Ecological Heritage and Commitment

We are committed to ecologically sound business because we really do care about the environment. This is driven right from the very top by Tim Fenn, the Chairman. Tim is a qualified pedologist (an expert in soil survey, classification, cartography, interpretation and conservation) and worked for a number of years in South Africa on ecological and conservation projects for organisations like the WWF and Farm Africa.

Since 1997, Oakwood Builders and Joinery has embedded responsible and forward looking practices into its business and made them a key belief for all of the staff through our award-winning training and career planning programme. These include:

  • Recycling building products on-site, we are currently installing plants to process site waste timber into wood pellets and are looking to develop this further to offer other construction companies a facility to minimise their waste by converting it into fuel.
  • Using environmentally friendly construction materials whenever acceptable to the customer, like roof slates made from rubber tyres, exterior paint that contributes to thermal insulation and so on.
  • Only using FSC certified or verified sustainable hardwood timber.
  • Using recycled waste materials within our own business, such as producing our own bio-diesel for our vehicles and cement mixers and using sawdust from our joinery workshop to fuel our heating system.
  • Setting up webcams on the building site so that customers and architects can track progress without needing to use fossil fuels to travel quite so often.
  • Ensuring that our offices are constructed to be energy efficient using advanced eco-build techniques, including timber framing, air-tight windows, solar energy, heat-exchanging technology, wind turbine electricity generation and with sawdust fuelled heating through our own wood pellet boilers.
  • Being active members of the Association for Environmentally Conscious Building (A.E.C.B.).

Whilst many companies will pay lip-service to their ecological commitment, at Oakwood we put our words into practice. All day, every day.

Equal Opportunities Statement

It is the Company’s policy as an employer to treat all people equally irrespective of race, ethnic origin, sex, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, creed, disability, age or political belief.

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