Sustainable timber worked by skilled craftspeople

Wood is still one of the most commonly used materials in building construction. Strong yet beautiful, wood is immensely versatile. It can be cut, shaped and joined in many combinations to build functional as well as decorative items. However, wood is increasingly becoming a scarce resource. The world consumption, particularly of hardwoods, is exceeding the supply many times over.

At Oakwood Joinery we only use timber that is certified as coming from sustainable sources. It means that its harder to get sometimes, and may cost a little more. But we know that for every tree cut down, replacements are being planted. And we take our duty of care even further. We make sure that we maximise the use of the timber that we buy through careful design and craftsmanship. We even use the off cuts to make useful objects.

And with the timber we make bespoke items of great value. Staircases to unique designs, individual windows and doors, wooden flooring, decorative balustrades and mouldings. We even design and make kitchen cabinetry ourselves, just to be sure that we can provide the exact style that our customers demand. With Oakwood Joinery you can be sure of the finest workmanship using sustainable materials to create pieces that will add value to your building for a very long time.

New eco-window from Oakwood: The Henley e-Series

U-VALUE: Expected overall 0.7-1.0W/m2/K

Hand crafted in-house by Oakwood Builders and Joinery Ltd, our windows have been developed to combine sustainability with high energy performance and to aesthetically enhance the fa├žade of both new builds and refurbishment projects.

The Henley e-Series are traditional English windows, crafted to provide a wide range of design solutions to complement any building. A prime consideration has been to steer away from the ‘factory’ like appearance of modern eco houses and to increase the ecological value of period properties. The windows are constructed from FSC certified timber with a Chain of Custody certificate and the timbers are selected to ensure the forests have value and support the local communities. Optional double or tripled glazed argon filled units are incorporated into the frames with a system of draught seals and an espagnolette locking mechanism providing an air tight window.

Working in conjunction with Titon Ltd, the Henley e-Series windows are currently being evaluated for ‘Secured by Design’ accreditation thereby additionally offering an increase in security standards. The Henley e-Series windows can be finished in a variety of ways to suit the application, and can be sealed or sprayed to any RAL colour, both with optional chemical-free finishes.

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